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Dr. Vincent Giampapa is Board Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Founding Director of Plastic Surgery Center International, The Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy, and the Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI), located in Costa Rica. Dr. Giampapa believes RMI will become the global portal for stem cell therapy and advanced regenerative medicine research within the biotechnology incubator park (also slated to be a major component of RMI). Dr. Giampapa was nominated in 2014 for a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking research into cellular restoration technology. He is a co-founder of The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), comprised of over 26,000 members representing over 110 nations, the first president of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and the founder of Healthycell, an advanced cell health nutritional supplement and Stem Bank, a blood-derived stem cell extraction and Storage Company.

Dr. Giampapa has been a keynote speaker at several international forums, most recently at the Vatican in Rome for the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference, and the Swedish American Life Science Summit in Stockholm. He recently appeared on The Science Channel special, Stem Cell Universe with host Steven Hawking. Dr. Giampapa received an Edison Award for his development of the Healthycell nutritional supplement, as well as an A4M Science & Technology Award for his development of the BioMarker Matrix Profile—the first computer program to measure aging. He served as a consultant for NASA for the space shuttle robotic arm, and currently serves as a Medical Advisor to Jeunesse Global and Allergan Medical.

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